The Tri-State Telecommunications Conference is an annual conference sponsored by the Idaho Telecom Alliance, the Utah Rural Telecom Association, and the Wyoming Telecommunications Association.  The conference rotates each year between the three states, allowing participants the opportunity to visit some of the most beautiful resorts in the country.

The Tri-State began in order to allow rural telephone company owners and managers in the mountain states an opportunity to spend time together sharing stories, talking about trends in the industry, as well as the challenges faced by all of the companies.  In addition to renewing telco friendships each year, the owners and managers also look forward to spending time with industry leaders providing products and services to their companies.

The 2019 Tri-State will be held August 19 – 22 at the Sun Valley Resort, Sun Valley, Idaho.

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For conference-related inquiries, please contact:

Courtney Stephenson
Idaho Telecom Alliance
Phone: 208-355-7184
Email: idtelecomalliance@gmail.com